Houston Cinema Arts Society recently inaugurated HCAS On the Road, an educational outreach program that brings quality films about the arts directly to underserved schools. Through this program, HCAS seeks to provide an outlet for students to achieve a greater understanding of film and the arts, making the creative experience more accessible for many students, exposing students to the artistic possibilities of film, and lowering the barrier to actively participating in and appreciating a variety of art forms.

HCAS On the Road is provided during the spring semesters. In advance of the visit, teachers receive teacher’s guides and student study guides to prepare students for the event. After each film a question and answer period is presented to discuss the issues and the arts presented in the film, the filmmaking process, the art of film, and potential careers in the arts and film industry.

Schedules permitting, HCAS will make arrangements for artists related to the film to attend the screening and meet the students, giving students a unique opportunity to meet with and learn. Representatives from HCAS will work closely with the teachers and will be in attendance for the full program to introduce the guest artists and moderate the discussion period.

HCAS strongly believes that access to and participation in the arts plays a powerful role in improving the educational success of schoolchildren. With its unique focus on films by and about artists, HCAS makes the arts accessible to students who may not otherwise have access to live performances or artistic exhibits.

For more information about how your school can schedule a screening please contact:

Anissa Gordon
Marketing Manager
[email protected]
713-429-0420 ext. 3