CineSpace 2016 offered filmmakers around the world a chance to share their works inspired by and using actual NASA imagery. The international competition drew 457 entries worldwide - from 6 continents.

Academy Award-nominated director, producer and screenwriter Richard Linklater – a Houston native who won best director honors at the 2015 Golden Globes and BAFTA Awards for his film Boyhood – helped NASA and the Houston Cinema Arts Society judge the contest entries.

From the entries, 15 Finalists and 2 Honorable Mentions were chosen. The Finalists premiered during CineSpace Day at the Houston Cinema Arts Festival. Prize money was awarded 1st Place $10,000, 2nd Place $5,000 for 2nd place and $3,000 for 3rd place. Two additional categories were awarded $4,000 each for “Film Best Depicting Benefits to Humanity from the International Space Station” and “Film Best Depicting Spirit of Future Exploration of Space.

Films featuring NASA-captured imagery and video collected throughout the agency’s 50-year history were judged on creativity, innovation and attention to detail: the same hallmarks of spaceflight.

CineSpace will return in 2017 for filmmakers to once again compete for cash prizes and the opportunity to be shown to audiences both on and off Earth.

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1st Place

Sébastian Tulard
Paris, France

2nd Place

Music of Spheres
Joe Bougher, Kohl Threlkeld
Washington DC, United States

3rd Place

Loïc Mager, Roman Veiga

Film Best Depicting Benefits to Humanity from the International Space Station

Lani’s Space
Harriett Marie, Ferris Bradley
United Kingdom

Film Best Depicting Spirit of Future Exploration of Space

Ryan J Thompson
United Kingdom


New Moon Night
Ian Lewis
United States

Living on an Island
Kuesti Fraun

Wil Prada
United States

Life on Mars: Leila Zucker
Melissa Balan
United States

The Divine Countdown
Daniel Cantagallo
United States

Joe Carter
United States

Matthew Nefdt
South Africa

The Traveler
Duncan Elms
United States

Robot Koch - Eclipse
Mikael Le Goff

Bipin Ragu

Isaac Zambra

My Room at the Center of the Universe
Guy Spiller
South Africa